Seaweed Stubbs

"Who'd 've thought I'd love a girl with skin as white as winter's snow"
--- Seaweed Stubbs (2016 - NBC's Hairspray Live!)
Seaweed J. Stubbs is a African American teenage boy that is living in Baltimore Maryland/North Avenue, America in 1962. He is a talented dancer, singer and all he wants to do is to hang out and have fun with friends and family. He is however discriminated because of the colour of his skin, though once a month he gets to show off his talents on the 'Negro Day' segment on "The Corny Collins Show" which is hosted by his own mother Motormouth. He lives with his mother Motormouth Maybelle and little sister Little Inez. He has a white American love interest (girlfriend) Penny Pingleton. He also helps Tracy and everyone else to stand up to intergrate all the white and black people on "The Corny Collins Show". He is protrayed by Clayton Prince (1988), Elijah Kelley (2007) and Ephraim Sykes (2016 - Hairspray Live!).