Corny Collins

"Velma, isn't this where it's all heading anyway? Now you can fight it, or you can rock out to it! This is the future!"
— Corny Collins (2016 Hairspray Live!)

Corny Collins is a talk-show host of "The Corny Collins Show" and he lives in Baltimore Maryland, America in 1962. Corny is a generous and friendly guy who doesn't like to talk about other people in a bad way, the only person he dislikes Velma Von Tussle as she is racist, sceaming and a dishonest person. He also doesn't like her daughter Amber Von Tussle as she is following in her mother's foot steps of been mean, dishonest and mostly a person trying to steal the spotlight on his talk-show "The Corny Collins Show" and not giving the other dancers/teenagers a chance to shine as well. He also helps Tracy and everyone else to stand up to intergrate all the white and black people on his show "The Corny Collins Show". Corny is protrayed by Shawn Thompson (1988), James Marsden (2007) and Derek Hough (2016 - Hairspray Live!).